About Me

Currently employed full time as a Security Supervisor at a local Native American Casino in Northern Michigan.  I have been employed there since their opening eighteen plus years ago.  I enjoy my job and the responsibility that I have.  I am the Senior Supervisor in the Security Department and I work the Grave Shift from 2100 to 0700.  For all of you civilians that is from 9pm to 7am.  For all of you fine folks that were in the Air Force, Mickeys big hand is on the twelve and his little hand is on the nine when I start work and when I am done his big hand is on the twelve (at the top of the clock) and his little hand is on the seven.  I worked the night shift almost all my life because I really enjoy it.  You meet some very interesting characters that time of the night.  I recently retired from my part time job on an Advanced Life Ambulance Service as a EMT-S.  I also spent fourteen years on the local township Fire Department.
 I am happily married to my lovely wife Sharon.  We have been married thirty years.  I have a son who is a Slot Technician at the local Casino on the Grave Shift and a Step- daughter.  She is in White Lake near Pontiac.  She is married to a young man from this area of Michigan.  He is the Chief of Police in Walled Lake, which is just a stones throw away from White Lake.  They have a wonderful daughter who is a very Special young Lady to Nana and I.  Just don’t see her enough.
I spent eight years in the service from 1962 to 1970.  I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman.  I was fortunate enough to have the privilege and honor to serve all of my time after Boot Camp and Hospital Corps School with the United States Marine Corps.  It was the greatest time of my life even though two and a half years was in Vietnam.  I was in country all of 1965, last nine months of 1967 and all of 1968.
I am the type of person that will speak my mind and give my opinion on most anything.  I am not politically correct and don’t pretend to be.  I say what I believe and I don’t give a damn who I piss off in the process.  In fact I always tell people that if I haven’t pissed in somebody’s Cherrios by 7am then I am having a bad day.  I have no use for Democrats and especially the left wing libtards in the Democratic Party.
So let me make it perfectly clear.  If you read my Blog you may not like what the hell I say and I don’t care.  I do not pretend that my opinion or my side is the right side.  You have a right to disagree with me totally.  I will not get into a debate with you over it.  So if I offend any of you just suck it up buttercup because I will not apologize.   Do not take it personal as I usually am speaking in a general sense,  So if you are a Democrat it does not mean that you are retarded, just the majority of them.