Death of the GOP (self induced)

I want to make it perfectly clear from the start of this Blog that I am not a political expert by any means. I write my opinion as a plain normal voter. I am a Registered Republican up to this writing and I have been for over twenty years. Before registering as a Republican, I have always voted Republican and straight ticket. I support the Tea Party and vote for anyone running as a Tea Party member.
For the past few weeks every time I pick up a paper, turn on the radio or watch the news on television I just shake my head in disgust. Now there are a whole lot of topics on the news that disgust me but I am only going to go off on just one…………. The GOP Establishment.
The establishment has been out proclaiming that if Donald Trump gets the nomination as the Presidential Candidate for the GOP it will be the end of the Republican party. What? These idiots have been out to lunch for a long time. The Republican Party has been broken for years. It was not Donald Trump that caused the fall of the party, no, it was the GOP establishment that caused it.
The Republican Establishment has lost touch with the American people. They seem to have forgotten that they are elected by us and they are supposed to work for us. Our Government is supposed to be a Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Nowhere have I ever found that it is to be a Government by the establishment of the elected political parties, by the establishment of the political parties, or for the political parties.
No, Donald Trump did not cause the rift and fall of the Republican Party, it was on its death bed long before he became a presidential candidate. How about some of the members of the party who are a complete disgrace to the Republican Party. Mitt (I can’t even beat Obama) Romney; Karl (I’m a babbling idiot) Rowe; Lindsey (Trump will never win my state) Graham; Mitch (I love Obama) O’ Conner; and of course we can’t forget to add John (Pour me another double on the rocks) Boehner. Now this is not an entire list of the idiots that caused the fall of the party, there are many many more.
You can’t tell the people to vote for us so we can take over the Senate and the House so we can overturn Obama Care, get the budget under control and numerous other things and then not do it. You folks out right lied to the American people. Our elected Republicans did not have the gonads to do any of the things they promised to do if they took control of both houses. Instead they kissed Obama’s anti-American, Muslim loving worthless ass and caved into him on the budget and everything else.
You people cried and cried about what Obama was getting away with and you did not have the balls to do anything about it.
You wonder why Donald Trump is winning so far. I know you establishment Republicans are a few French Fries short of a Fun Meal so I will help you out. People are absolutely fed up with your establishment. You no longer represent the majority of the Republicans anymore. Donald Trump is doing and saying what a majority of us want to do and say. Get it through your arrogant thick skulls we are fed up. We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.
You are just as responsible as Obama for weakening our Military. Most of the top Generals and Admirals were fired by Obama and you let him get away with it. A career soldier is Court Martialed and kicked out of the Army because he helped a young Afghanistan boy who was being sexually molested by an Afghanistan soldier. You ballless idiots have the power to over turn that decision and you did nothing.
The VA system is a total mess. All we get is lip service from all of you but nothing gets fixed. The entire government (Republicans and Democrats) treat our Military and Veterans like crap. It is disgusting that illegal aliens get better treatment and benefits than Veterans. What the hell did they do for our country besides come over here illegally and cost this country money. Oh yes, they also contributed to the rise in the crime in the U.S.
I can’t forget to mention the chicken shit antics you folks are trying to pull to deny Donald Trump the Party Nomination if he has close to the number of delegates needed. If you spent half that energy on making America great again maybe you will survive.
There are numerous Republicans that I would rather see in elected positions. Of course none of these would be acceptable to your good old boy club. People like C. Rise; S. Palin; M. Bachman; Mr. West; Dr. Ben; Mia Love and a few others. They would have a lot more guts than you folks.
I can guarantee the Republican party will not get another cent from me. If you folks undermine Donald Trump you can bet your sweet bippie I will never vote for a Republican again.
Now for all my Democrat and Libtard friends and relatives that are peeing their pants with joy over me not voting for a Republican again, take a deep breath, go wipe yourself and change your Barbie Doll undies. I will never ever vote for a Democrat. We may have our problems in the GOP but my lord, you poor folks have to choose between a born liar who is responsible for the death of four Americans (including an Ambassador) or a frigging Communist. By the way, why is Sanders so popular with your people? Because you Democrats want change also. You are fed up with the Democratic establishment, which Hillary is part of.
This is my opinion and I really don’t give a crap if anyone agrees with me or not.

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