Some times I believe we take a lot of things for granted in our early life and we end up regretting it later on.  I know for a fact that I have.  I realized a few years ago that I did not have the wisdom and foresight in my younger years to realize that.  But then maybe not many of us have that capability or we just plain did not stop to give it much thought.  Heck when we were young and in our teens we had other important things to worry about.  In High School there were members of the opposite sex running loose all over the place,  Then we also had to concern ourselves with “Holy Socks – I’m going to graduate next year and be on my own, now what?”                          

Some thought about maybe getting a good paying job along with maybe getting married, raising a family and just taking life as easy as they can.  Some had plans for college and were excited and nervous about taking that first step to achieve their dream of a college education and a degree in hat field of work they wanted as a career.  Then there were also others like my self who had dreams and desires to make the military a career.  I am sure that there are numerous reasons why we would be pre-occupied and not concentrating enough on things we regret

Back in my day it was mandatory that all males register for the draft.  There was also this place across the deep blue pacific called Vietnam.  It was actually starting to become the hot place for Americans to travel to and “camp out”  for a year or more.  We all had our own reasons back then to be pre-occupied with different things going on in our lives at the time.

Now that I am in my Senior years I look back on what I took for granted and/or did not follow up on that I wanted to do.  There are many things that I regret now.

The number one thing that I regret the most is the fact that I lost track of family.  Now I find myself on a diligent mission to find out who is family out there and where they reside at.  I would also love to find out a little bit about them.  Some of them I have not had contact with for many many years.  I want to know where they live, what do they do for work, what do they like to do for hobbies, how big is there family and that kind of information.  Growing up I always promised myself that the one thing I would do in life was keep track of family.  Well, that promise lasted until High School Graduation.  From there it was off to the military for almost eight years.  While in the military I, along with thousands of others, were given the opportunity by our government to continue our higher education at the University of South Vietnam.  It is there that we all earned our Masters Degrees in Warfare and Survival.  Some of us were even were afforded the golden opportunity to return to the University and earn our Doctoral Degrees.  Not a lot of classroom time at that University, most of the lessons were through hands on experience.

While growing up through Elementary and High School I had an Uncle  Herman and Aunt Margaret who for many years lived in town.  They had eight children (Cousins).  We all spent a lot of time together playing and hanging out together.  Every major holiday was spent either at their house, our house or at our Grandmothers.  It was always a massive feast, lots of stories by our Fathers.  After Supper it was cards for the adults and play time for us kids.  I became very very close to all of them.  They were more than cousins to me, they were Brothers and Sisters as far as I was concerned.  All of them were outstanding individuals and I had, and still have, all the respect in the world for all of them.  A couple of them I still have contact with and we get together a lot and talk about all the good times.  Some of them I have not seen for years, like maybe forty-five plus years.  If only I would have kept in contact with all of them.  I have had the honor and pleasure of corresponding with three of my cousins off spring.  I don’t know what they consider me, but I consider all of them cousins.

One of my cousins lives in the Upper Peninsula.  Really lost track of her for a long time.  She was, and is to this day, very dear to me.  She has a very special place in my heart.  Although she is younger that I am I always looked up to her and had a great deal of respect for her.  She was a very intelligent Lady growing up.  Very Beautiful too I might add.  I do not know how many children she has, but I know they could probably field a football team.  Well, at least a baseball team.  I have not seen her since the 1990’s.  I had the pleasure of having supper with her and most of her children.  What is so sad is I do not even remember most of their names. That really bothers me to no end.  I do correspond via face book with two of her daughters and one of her sons.  They have all been very successful in life.  One of her daughters lives in the U.P. also and is a fantastic writer.  Besides Poetry and Short Stories on her Blog, she has just recently had her first book published.  Another daughter has, within the past few days, retired from the United States Marine Corps as a Warrant Officer 3.  I believe she has twenty-three plus years in the Corps.  One of her sons just moved to Traverse City, Michigan and I hope to visit with him a lot this coming spring and summer.  I also have some contact with one of the daughters of the Marine.  I hope to meet all of them some day soon.

I have cousins from that same family who live in the southern part of the state and I have contact with them all of the time.  I also have a very good relationship with their children.  Some of their children I get to see occasionally and we have some good talks.  I love those kids like my own.  Even the Libtard  from Hemlock.  (yes, every family has to have one).  They are a protected species so we are not allowed to shoot him.  I do love the hell out of him though.  We get on each other all of the time but we both understand it is nothing personal.

There are a lot more first cousins and their children from that family also.  I just do not know where they are, what they are doing and who is in their family.

I have other cousins from my dads and mothers sides that I have no idea where they are.  Guess I just was not that close to them.  Actually, I have a real guilt trip over that.  When I was younger and my parents were still alive I neveIr paid much attention to detail when they talked about relatives.  I absolutely know nothing about my fathers side of the family.  I knew my Grandfather and Grandmother on his side and one uncle.  I think my dad had three brothers but I can’t be certain about that.  No ideas who their children (cousins) are.  I would really love to find out a little about my fathers side of the family, as I do kind of remember there is some German History there.  My father told me a couple of times during my military years “If you ever go to Germany, don’t tell them your last name”.  He would never tell me the reason when I would ask.  For many years I always thought he was joking (my father was very good at telling stories).  Not to many years before he passed away I asked him if he remembered telling me what not to do if I ever went to Germany.  He said he was not joking, he was very serious.  The only clue he told me that day after considerable questioning and hounding on my part was…..”It has to do with the Keiser and an assassination attempt”.  I still think he was B.S.ing me.  If only I knew how to find anything out about my Grandfather and Grandmother on my dads side.  Guess that is something I will go to my grave wondering about.

I guess I rambled on long enough.  I just had to Rant a little because I am so very desperate to find out all I can about my family and extended family before the Supreme Commandant calls “Corpsman Up”.

In closing I am going to ask some people, who I have listed below, for any help you can give me as to your immediate family.  I will only use first names here.  I hope to build some type of family tree from my mothers side anyway.  I would love to do this with pictures if possible but I will settle for just plain ol’ information.  My problem is I want to meet everyone before I have to check out of life.

So, John S.; Dave S.; Len S. (Jr.); Amy S.; Heidi Marie S.; Heidi S. (U.P.); the lovely Sarah M.; Jeramiah M.; Kristin H.; Mikayla J.; (who always made me laugh when she posted on face book)(got to have a beer with this young Lady someday).; Donna (?)(where ever you are); the most beautiful Cynthia (Fla.); Jeff S.; John S. (Say Hey Coaches son); Kathy S. (married Tom) and last but not least, the Hot Dog Robber…the “cool one” Trisha S.   Help this old “Doc” out if you can.  I really want to know who the entire extended family is and where they are.


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  1. You have always been the cool one. Thanks for reading my blog. Any info you can give me will help. Love y ou

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