About Me

I am a Vietnam Veteran.  I served just shy of eight years as a Navy Corpsman.  After Navy Boot Camp and Hospital Corpsman School (both in San Diego), I went to FMSS (Fleet Marine Service School) for eight weeks of Marine Corps Training.  From there I spent all of my military time with the Marine Corps. Two and a half years in Vietnam (65, 67 & 68).

I am happily married to my beautiful and wonderful wife Sharon.  We gave been married for thirty years. I gave a son Bill from my first marriage and a step daughter from my wife’s first marriage.

II suffer from PTSD and that is the main reason that I have decided to start Blogging. I hope it will relieve a lot of the stress that I deal with on a daily basis. I want to emphasize that my opinions are just my opinions and I make no claim that my opinions are right.  If I pee in someone’s Cherries and they become upset…. Oh well I really don’t give a damn.  If you are butt hurt go get your Teddy Bear and your pacifier and go sit in a corner and 😢 like a little spoiled libtard. I tell it like it is… at point blank range.


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