Death of the GOP (self induced)

I want to make it perfectly clear from the start of this Blog that I am not a political expert by any means. I write my opinion as a plain normal voter. I am a Registered Republican up to this writing and I have been for over twenty years. Before registering as a Republican, I have always voted Republican and straight ticket. I support the Tea Party and vote for anyone running as a Tea Party member.
For the past few weeks every time I pick up a paper, turn on the radio or watch the news on television I just shake my head in disgust. Now there are a whole lot of topics on the news that disgust me but I am only going to go off on just one…………. The GOP Establishment.
The establishment has been out proclaiming that if Donald Trump gets the nomination as the Presidential Candidate for the GOP it will be the end of the Republican party. What? These idiots have been out to lunch for a long time. The Republican Party has been broken for years. It was not Donald Trump that caused the fall of the party, no, it was the GOP establishment that caused it.
The Republican Establishment has lost touch with the American people. They seem to have forgotten that they are elected by us and they are supposed to work for us. Our Government is supposed to be a Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Nowhere have I ever found that it is to be a Government by the establishment of the elected political parties, by the establishment of the political parties, or for the political parties.
No, Donald Trump did not cause the rift and fall of the Republican Party, it was on its death bed long before he became a presidential candidate. How about some of the members of the party who are a complete disgrace to the Republican Party. Mitt (I can’t even beat Obama) Romney; Karl (I’m a babbling idiot) Rowe; Lindsey (Trump will never win my state) Graham; Mitch (I love Obama) O’ Conner; and of course we can’t forget to add John (Pour me another double on the rocks) Boehner. Now this is not an entire list of the idiots that caused the fall of the party, there are many many more.
You can’t tell the people to vote for us so we can take over the Senate and the House so we can overturn Obama Care, get the budget under control and numerous other things and then not do it. You folks out right lied to the American people. Our elected Republicans did not have the gonads to do any of the things they promised to do if they took control of both houses. Instead they kissed Obama’s anti-American, Muslim loving worthless ass and caved into him on the budget and everything else.
You people cried and cried about what Obama was getting away with and you did not have the balls to do anything about it.
You wonder why Donald Trump is winning so far. I know you establishment Republicans are a few French Fries short of a Fun Meal so I will help you out. People are absolutely fed up with your establishment. You no longer represent the majority of the Republicans anymore. Donald Trump is doing and saying what a majority of us want to do and say. Get it through your arrogant thick skulls we are fed up. We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.
You are just as responsible as Obama for weakening our Military. Most of the top Generals and Admirals were fired by Obama and you let him get away with it. A career soldier is Court Martialed and kicked out of the Army because he helped a young Afghanistan boy who was being sexually molested by an Afghanistan soldier. You ballless idiots have the power to over turn that decision and you did nothing.
The VA system is a total mess. All we get is lip service from all of you but nothing gets fixed. The entire government (Republicans and Democrats) treat our Military and Veterans like crap. It is disgusting that illegal aliens get better treatment and benefits than Veterans. What the hell did they do for our country besides come over here illegally and cost this country money. Oh yes, they also contributed to the rise in the crime in the U.S.
I can’t forget to mention the chicken shit antics you folks are trying to pull to deny Donald Trump the Party Nomination if he has close to the number of delegates needed. If you spent half that energy on making America great again maybe you will survive.
There are numerous Republicans that I would rather see in elected positions. Of course none of these would be acceptable to your good old boy club. People like C. Rise; S. Palin; M. Bachman; Mr. West; Dr. Ben; Mia Love and a few others. They would have a lot more guts than you folks.
I can guarantee the Republican party will not get another cent from me. If you folks undermine Donald Trump you can bet your sweet bippie I will never vote for a Republican again.
Now for all my Democrat and Libtard friends and relatives that are peeing their pants with joy over me not voting for a Republican again, take a deep breath, go wipe yourself and change your Barbie Doll undies. I will never ever vote for a Democrat. We may have our problems in the GOP but my lord, you poor folks have to choose between a born liar who is responsible for the death of four Americans (including an Ambassador) or a frigging Communist. By the way, why is Sanders so popular with your people? Because you Democrats want change also. You are fed up with the Democratic establishment, which Hillary is part of.
This is my opinion and I really don’t give a crap if anyone agrees with me or not.


Some times I believe we take a lot of things for granted in our early life and we end up regretting it later on.  I know for a fact that I have.  I realized a few years ago that I did not have the wisdom and foresight in my younger years to realize that.  But then maybe not many of us have that capability or we just plain did not stop to give it much thought.  Heck when we were young and in our teens we had other important things to worry about.  In High School there were members of the opposite sex running loose all over the place,  Then we also had to concern ourselves with “Holy Socks – I’m going to graduate next year and be on my own, now what?”                          

Some thought about maybe getting a good paying job along with maybe getting married, raising a family and just taking life as easy as they can.  Some had plans for college and were excited and nervous about taking that first step to achieve their dream of a college education and a degree in hat field of work they wanted as a career.  Then there were also others like my self who had dreams and desires to make the military a career.  I am sure that there are numerous reasons why we would be pre-occupied and not concentrating enough on things we regret

Back in my day it was mandatory that all males register for the draft.  There was also this place across the deep blue pacific called Vietnam.  It was actually starting to become the hot place for Americans to travel to and “camp out”  for a year or more.  We all had our own reasons back then to be pre-occupied with different things going on in our lives at the time.

Now that I am in my Senior years I look back on what I took for granted and/or did not follow up on that I wanted to do.  There are many things that I regret now.

The number one thing that I regret the most is the fact that I lost track of family.  Now I find myself on a diligent mission to find out who is family out there and where they reside at.  I would also love to find out a little bit about them.  Some of them I have not had contact with for many many years.  I want to know where they live, what do they do for work, what do they like to do for hobbies, how big is there family and that kind of information.  Growing up I always promised myself that the one thing I would do in life was keep track of family.  Well, that promise lasted until High School Graduation.  From there it was off to the military for almost eight years.  While in the military I, along with thousands of others, were given the opportunity by our government to continue our higher education at the University of South Vietnam.  It is there that we all earned our Masters Degrees in Warfare and Survival.  Some of us were even were afforded the golden opportunity to return to the University and earn our Doctoral Degrees.  Not a lot of classroom time at that University, most of the lessons were through hands on experience.

While growing up through Elementary and High School I had an Uncle  Herman and Aunt Margaret who for many years lived in town.  They had eight children (Cousins).  We all spent a lot of time together playing and hanging out together.  Every major holiday was spent either at their house, our house or at our Grandmothers.  It was always a massive feast, lots of stories by our Fathers.  After Supper it was cards for the adults and play time for us kids.  I became very very close to all of them.  They were more than cousins to me, they were Brothers and Sisters as far as I was concerned.  All of them were outstanding individuals and I had, and still have, all the respect in the world for all of them.  A couple of them I still have contact with and we get together a lot and talk about all the good times.  Some of them I have not seen for years, like maybe forty-five plus years.  If only I would have kept in contact with all of them.  I have had the honor and pleasure of corresponding with three of my cousins off spring.  I don’t know what they consider me, but I consider all of them cousins.

One of my cousins lives in the Upper Peninsula.  Really lost track of her for a long time.  She was, and is to this day, very dear to me.  She has a very special place in my heart.  Although she is younger that I am I always looked up to her and had a great deal of respect for her.  She was a very intelligent Lady growing up.  Very Beautiful too I might add.  I do not know how many children she has, but I know they could probably field a football team.  Well, at least a baseball team.  I have not seen her since the 1990’s.  I had the pleasure of having supper with her and most of her children.  What is so sad is I do not even remember most of their names. That really bothers me to no end.  I do correspond via face book with two of her daughters and one of her sons.  They have all been very successful in life.  One of her daughters lives in the U.P. also and is a fantastic writer.  Besides Poetry and Short Stories on her Blog, she has just recently had her first book published.  Another daughter has, within the past few days, retired from the United States Marine Corps as a Warrant Officer 3.  I believe she has twenty-three plus years in the Corps.  One of her sons just moved to Traverse City, Michigan and I hope to visit with him a lot this coming spring and summer.  I also have some contact with one of the daughters of the Marine.  I hope to meet all of them some day soon.

I have cousins from that same family who live in the southern part of the state and I have contact with them all of the time.  I also have a very good relationship with their children.  Some of their children I get to see occasionally and we have some good talks.  I love those kids like my own.  Even the Libtard  from Hemlock.  (yes, every family has to have one).  They are a protected species so we are not allowed to shoot him.  I do love the hell out of him though.  We get on each other all of the time but we both understand it is nothing personal.

There are a lot more first cousins and their children from that family also.  I just do not know where they are, what they are doing and who is in their family.

I have other cousins from my dads and mothers sides that I have no idea where they are.  Guess I just was not that close to them.  Actually, I have a real guilt trip over that.  When I was younger and my parents were still alive I neveIr paid much attention to detail when they talked about relatives.  I absolutely know nothing about my fathers side of the family.  I knew my Grandfather and Grandmother on his side and one uncle.  I think my dad had three brothers but I can’t be certain about that.  No ideas who their children (cousins) are.  I would really love to find out a little about my fathers side of the family, as I do kind of remember there is some German History there.  My father told me a couple of times during my military years “If you ever go to Germany, don’t tell them your last name”.  He would never tell me the reason when I would ask.  For many years I always thought he was joking (my father was very good at telling stories).  Not to many years before he passed away I asked him if he remembered telling me what not to do if I ever went to Germany.  He said he was not joking, he was very serious.  The only clue he told me that day after considerable questioning and hounding on my part was…..”It has to do with the Keiser and an assassination attempt”.  I still think he was me.  If only I knew how to find anything out about my Grandfather and Grandmother on my dads side.  Guess that is something I will go to my grave wondering about.

I guess I rambled on long enough.  I just had to Rant a little because I am so very desperate to find out all I can about my family and extended family before the Supreme Commandant calls “Corpsman Up”.

In closing I am going to ask some people, who I have listed below, for any help you can give me as to your immediate family.  I will only use first names here.  I hope to build some type of family tree from my mothers side anyway.  I would love to do this with pictures if possible but I will settle for just plain ol’ information.  My problem is I want to meet everyone before I have to check out of life.

So, John S.; Dave S.; Len S. (Jr.); Amy S.; Heidi Marie S.; Heidi S. (U.P.); the lovely Sarah M.; Jeramiah M.; Kristin H.; Mikayla J.; (who always made me laugh when she posted on face book)(got to have a beer with this young Lady someday).; Donna (?)(where ever you are); the most beautiful Cynthia (Fla.); Jeff S.; John S. (Say Hey Coaches son); Kathy S. (married Tom) and last but not least, the Hot Dog Robber…the “cool one” Trisha S.   Help this old “Doc” out if you can.  I really want to know who the entire extended family is and where they are.


Sarah – “I Don’t Know What I Am”

     About a month or so ago, a dear long  cousin asked me on Facebook “are you  Catholic Mr. Bill?”  My first reaction upon seeing that was “where in the world did she come up with that question and why ask me that.  After a few minutes of trying to figure it out it dawned on me.  Sarah is well aware of my religious up bringing and some of my posts on Facebook have been reposts of some Catholic sites, for example “Pray The Rosary” and “Or Mother of Perpetual Help” just to mention a couple.  Sarah would know that I was Baptized and Confirmed Lutheran.  So my dear, I guess an explanation yo my madness is in order,  First we have to go back in time to when I  was I first grade.  The following account of my childhood, as far as religion goes, I have never shared with anyone.  I have always been a rather private person in regards to talkin about somethings, that is probably one of the reasons I have a hard time dealing with my PTSD.

My grade school years were at Trinity Lutheran School fro first through eighth grade.  For the most part I had a terrific childhood filled with wonderful memories.  I was fortunate to have two wonderful loving and caring parents.  I had a sister that I thought the world of and my parents had another son that was a different story.

My parents were very religious, as was the entire family on my mothers side.  I had a Uncle that was  Lutheran School Teacher and one of the greatest Organists I have ever heard.  Needless to say it was mandatory that we attended church every Sunday and all the special church services throughout the year.  Now I must stress that every school function required mandatory attendance as well.

My memories of my years at Trinity are not at all good memories.  I can honestly say, to this day, I cannot recall one good memory of grade school.  I dreaded each and every day that I had to go to school.  I had descent grades so that was not an issue at all.  From grades one through four I had the distinct pleasure of having Adolph Eichman as a teacher.  He missed his calling somewhere along the line.  He should have been a prisoner interrogator at a Nazi Concentration Camp.  This character had a habit of walking up behind people and snapping their ear with his finger or swatting you behind the head with his hand.  He also took great delight in throwing an eraser at your head also.  This is not to mention pulling people out from their desks by their ear or hair.

Now he did not treat everyone with abuse, oh no, if your father and mother were pillars of the congregation or were very well to do financially you could absolutely do no wrong whatsoever.  These teachers pet were another reason for me to be miserable.  I am not by any means saying that I was a little saint and did not merit the hand or child abuse (and that is exactly what it was) from “Adolph” on occasion.  However, I was wrongfully accused of things by the teachers pets on way to many occasions.  Sometimes I did not even have the foggiest idea what I was accused of doing.  I went to school everyday in total fear.  I used to beg my parents to let me go to a Public School or even better yet. let me go to one of the Catholic Schools in town, Saint Joseph or Guardian Angel.  Heck both were within four blocks away the same as Trinity.  Of course these requests went unheeded.  I really wanted to go to a Catholic School since I can remember.  More on the heart of wanting to go to a Catholic School later.

     Fifth through eighth grade were not as bad as the earlier grades.  After “Adolph” it had to be better.  However I still had a major issue to deal with.  That issue was the teachers pets moved up right with me,  Guess what?  Their lying and instigating continued.  I forgot to mention in the early grades I had never once been chosen for the annual School Christmas Pageant or any other school function.  This also continued through grades five to eight.  But I did finally get the last say.  When I told my parents that I was not partaking in the School Christmas Play that year they wanted to know why.  My reply was “in ight years I was never given a part in the play”.  “Not even a non speaking part as a shepherd or even a sheep, the same people get the parts every year”.  Well apparently my parents went to talk to the teacher about this.  he next day they tried to make nice and give me a part.  My reply….”Nope won’t be there”.  I did not show up for the play either.  My Mother was furious with me when she and my dad got home.  My dad on the other hand was quite the opposite.  When mom finally mellowed out dad called me asisde and shook my hand.  He told me how proud of me he was that I stood my ground and stood up for what I believed and he did not blame me at all.  Now there is one positive thing that did happen to me in the seventh and eighth grade.  I was appointed Captain of the Safety Patrol.  That upset a lot of the “pets”.  It was pretty prestigious to be Captain of the Safety Patrol.  I ended up resigning half way through the eighth grade however.  I will get to that shortly.

I need to dwell on the eighth grade, as this was the ultimate tipping point on what religious road I would take in my life.  In the eighth grade it was mandatory to go to classes with the Minister to prepare you to be confirmed in the spring and become a full member of the Church.  This was a very bad experience for me.  One that I remember vividly each and every day of my life.  I don’t know what I ever did to this Minister but he and I did not see eye to eye or get along Whatsoever.  This man picked on me and would embarrass me in front of my classmates on a daily basis.  I hated that class, the Minister and I started to realize I did not like this church and maybe not the Lutheran religion.  I did contemplate saying No the Confirmation but I was kind od addicted to breathing.  Needless to say I did get Confirmed.  I did beg my parents on numerous occasions to not make me get Confirmed.

Back to how I got myself fired as Captain of the Safety Patrol.  It seems as though one day I was on duty at the busy intersection on the highway that was two doors down from the school.  The Minister had two sons and a daughter.  Supposedly the younger son  went home from school this particular day and told the Rev that I swore at him, called him dirty names and used the Lords name in vain.  When I got home from school I was confronted by my parents about this.  To this day I have no clue at all what this was about.  Of course nobody could tell me what I supposedly said to this “outstanding son of a Minister”  I can swear on a stack of Bibles that this never happened and I never even saw his kid or talked to him that day.  Up until then I had nothing against the kid and we always got along just fine.

Anyway, my mother took it upon herself to inform the Minister that immediately after Church the next Sunday I would come back to see him and apologize for what I had said to his son.  First of all, after this turn of events sunk in, I thought “why am I apologizing to the Rev?  If I was guilty of all charges I should be apologizing to his son”  So after Church the next Sunday I hauled my skinny ass back to see the Minister.   This folks is one of my proudest moments.  The Minister asked me what I wanted to talk to him about.  I replied “I don’t want to talk to you about anything”  He asked “why are you here then.  I replied “because my mother told me I had to come back here and apologize to you”  He said “I’m waiting”  I then said (he was sitting in his chair and I bent down with my face about three inches from his ugly face and stared him right in the eye) “there is absolutely no way I will ever apologize for something that I did not do or say.  If anybody should be apologizing it should be your son for lying and you owe me an apology for accusing me of something and not even having the balls (yes I told him that) to get my ide of the story.  I never even saw your son there.  Your son is a big liar”.  I turned and walked out  I got home and my mom asked if I saw and talked to the Minister.  I told her yes.  She asked what I tld him and I said “You will have to ask him”.  I never heard another word on the subject after that.  The next day I was asked by my teacher to turn in my Captains Badge for Safety Patrol and informed I would no longer be on the Safety Patrol at all.  Oh well, I was so looking forward to a career as a Safety Patrol Officer.

Now I know it is unchristian like to hate anybody’  I only truly hate one person to this day and he is the only person I honestly hate.  I made myself a promise many years ago.  If I ever find out where the Reverend is buried, and it is nearby, I will make it a point to visit his grave every morning to urinate on him.

Now I will get to the Catholic part of me.  I do not recall how young I was at he time, but for as long as I can remember I have always had a fixation for the Catholic Church.  Why I don’t know.  I remember while I was in grade school that I dreamt of becoming a Priest.  To this day I truly believe that the Priesthood was my calling and I missed the boat.

I do not attend Church on a regular bases whether it be Catholic or Lutheran.  Yes, I know I should and I want to change my attendance.  It will however be at one of the Catholic Churches in Town.  About the only time I have gone to a Lutheran Service in the past fifteen or more years was either for a Wedding or Funeral.  I do however on occasion attend Mass at a Catholic Church.

I feel very comfortable at a Catholic Service.  I do not feel that same comfort at a Lutheran Service.  When I would attend a Lutheran Service I always felt like I was going to a meeting.  At Mass I feel like I am in Church and it seems more…I don’t know…maybe more traditional and more old fashioned.

I am not a Baptized or Confirmed Catholic nor do I claim to be.  I have given very serious thought to taking lessons and converting but there is an obstacle down that road also.  I was married to my first wife in a Catholic Church and since I am Divorced I understand that I cannot jon the Catholic Church.  If someday it does become possible I will take that fork in the road.  I am currently taking Catholic Classes through a Correspondence class.  I have studied it religiously now for a few years and have been totally engrossed in it.  I find it very rewarding and cannot believe the knowledge I have gained about the Catholic Religion, History and the Order of Worship.  I have memorized the Rosary other prayers.  Not only memorized the Rosary but studied it in depth.

I have not taken communion in a Lutheran Church I long long time.  I could but I will not do that.  I feel it would be totally wrong to partake of the Lords Table in a Lutheran Church as I don’t follow the Lutheran religion in my heart.  On the other hand, I have taken Holy Communion at a Catholic Service only because the Priest invited anyone from any Christian religion to take part.  This has happened on several occasions the past couple of years.  Mostly at a Funeral Mass.

I am by no means condemning the Lutheran Religion or any other Christian Religion.  I feel we all worship the same God only in different ways.  I never argue Religion or debate Religion with anyone.

So in closing, I ask you my dearest Sarah……What am I.  I was Baptized and Confirmed Lutheran but my heart is Catholic.  I am very confused and have been for years about this.




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